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Sunday, July 15, 2007


hello there :)) haha i guess my blog really went to sleep for a really really long time. :)) Haha. It's been so long yet so fast. Ad Camp's over, half of the year is gone. (I've been blogging on multiply though...http://ushbic.multiply.com). Haha, will tell you of His goodness and mercies I've been through. haha, love you Jesus.

& HE ♥ her
10:13:00 AM

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


reading through my two year old archive. :)) wow. i really grew. from glory to glory :))

& HE ♥ her
12:25:00 PM

Thursday, March 22, 2007

SYF :))

I remember reading from imm's blog- "If there's anything i can rely on, it's His faithfulness." So true. :))

I was recently promoted into the performing team of my school’s (TKGS) string ensemble. I was really excited as the upcoming Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competition was something I looked forward to since I’ve become a part of the team. Actually the promotion was really by His grace and favour; as I’d missed some of the practices during the December holidays last year, I did not get the audition piece when we were supposed to then. Instead of having the holidays to practice the piece, I was only given the piece when school re opened this year, and I only have 5 days to practice it. But praise Jesus, it was a miracle that I was promoted to the performing team. J

With the upcoming SYF looming closer with each passing day, the performing team had to run more auditions to select the cream of the crop for the SYF. During the first audition, I was confident and even enjoyed playing the piece in the presence of a teacher. However, I made a few mistakes. After that audition, I felt relieved that I had gotten it over and done with. It came to me as a shock when another teacher told me I had to go for a 2nd audition days later. Then, I was really nervous about being called back, and stumbled over my notes and could not play as well. But Daddy really showed me grace through this teacher. Not only did she work out the fingerings where i stumbled, she even told me to go home and practice. I felt really blessed. That night, I went for bible study and before the service, Pastor Prince said something about God will give you the things you desire, and I wrote in my notebook, “SYF IS MINE BY YOUR GRACE AND FAVOUR!”.

When I went back to school, I was once again called back for a 3rd audition as both teachers had different opinions. This time, it was the conductor of the string ensemble who was auditioning me. I really blew it. I got so nervous that I started to rush through my piece, totally not enjoying it. At the end, he explained that to have a balance orchestra, he had to cut some people out of the team. By then, I really lost hope. I gave up, settling for the fact that I’ll still get the SYF points though.
But praise Jesus for being so faithful. On March 21 2007, Wed, my teacher announced the people who will be taking part in the SYF competition. I really expected that my name would not be read out, but in an instance, I heard “Georgina Foo.”. I really thought I heard wrongly until my friend gave me an affirming pat and a smile. I was IN! I really wanted to cry there and then, as I was reminded by Jesus’ faithfulness. These brought back imges in my mind, when the times I told Jesus, “Jesus, I WANT to join SYF”,. I really believe He remembered and said, “Ok it is yours already J REALLY REALLY PRAISE JESUS! When I am faithless, I’ll lean on His faithfulness. He is forever faithful. I love you Jesus!

Daddy, i thank you for going through everyday with me. Upholding me when i fall and triumping with me in my everyday victories. You love me. :))

& HE ♥ her
6:13:00 PM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello Daddy.

Hey Jesus, i thank You that You are my righteousness. I would rather praise You then speak of the devil's works. Jesus, you're glorious, wonderful and worthy to be praise. I know I've already conquered through You, I will see Your faithfulness carry me through. You make me a happy girl.

"I wanna fall asleep in Your arms and wake up in Your presence." Me too Jesus :))

& HE ♥ her
1:39:00 AM

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Let the rain of Your presence fall on me :))

Praise the Lord! Actually what i meant to say was Oh Mi Gosh! :)) haha. crazy mans. Been back from OBS for about a week now? (still missing it) haha, was really fierce but Jesus was true to His word (zero injuries:)) Really had alot of fun, got to do stuff others did not; even though my watch was the slackest and latest, we really covered more than the other groups. Really really praise Jesus :))

Haha, and the reason why i feel crazy now is cause it's really crazy now! The CAs are in like, a week, and suddenly the teachers in school are putting their stress on us :)) haha, but like i really feel that optimal stress isn't good, no matter what professionals say. Abba, i give it all to You! My studies are in Your hands. I thank You even when i falter, Your love nevers. :)) You love me. I'm victorious in You! :))

And like really praise Jesus, i had so much fun at choir auditions during D.A.R.E. It was really Jesus singing through me and i love my MMs so much! You bunch are His mighty people! :))

And so excitied, like one day i was writing to Jesus about how stress i felt with my CCA; my CCA teacher thinks i've no life, CCA ends quite late for 3 times a week (because of SYF and the madness would end by march:)) , but i give my days to Jesus! :)) yea and i asked Him to multiply and make my time fruitful, and guess what. On that night, after BS, i was so so so so blessed! Coach Jason asked me to join camp comitee for Ad Camp 3! :)) praise Jesus right! I asked Daddy for it, but i really never thought it would happen so quickly. Thank You Jesus, You remember even though i forget. You love me so much. I really want to go through this season relying only on Your love and grace. Amen. :)) I thank You, You never condemn.

And to all my blessings who shared with me, thanks for sharing with me and i really believe the seeds you sowed in me have sprouted, and the shoots are showing. The greatest acceleration is really when the shoots start to sprout out, even though all may seem silent and nothing seems to be happening. Praise Jesus! So exciting!

So beloved, till next time, more good news coming! :)) so exciting! continue feeding on His love and His Word, and never stop allowing the spirit to make sweet intercessions for you! :)) Jesus, You love me! :))

& HE ♥ her
3:25:00 PM

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So Precious!

I said it so many times, but Jesus is so so good la! :))
Yesterday, at DARE, coach Joy told me that she wanted me to join her in the copywriting department. So priviledged! :)) ya, and me and Katie got the priviledge to talk to some youths who had testimonies to share about camp. (We were supposed to collate and write in 1st person style). And so amazing! Their testimonials are like mindblowing! Jesus is so good! Like how God led this precious boy to DARE; he was led to take bus 700 to Suntec, went to every floor, and finally reached 6th floor, which happened to be a DARE day! I know it must be Jesus :))

But somehow i started to feel abit bored. Then i asked Daddy, "Oh no, am I really called for this? Am i gonna be bored during future sessions like these? Daddy! Why am I here?" .

And this precious precious beloved sister :)) She was telling us about her testimonial, and i think she was prompted by the Spirit, and she shared about how she wanted to lose weight and even saw herself slim and hanging out with her friends. Amen to that! (This vision will come true! Amen! ) And i was like "Oh mi gosh. Praise Jesus!" I was so astounded by her Spirit of courage, that she dared to share. Cause i went through the exact same thing, and then, i didn't dare to share with anyone! And i took out my bus pass and showed her, "You know, this is how i look. I used to be 64 kg but God really took away all the extra weight.". And like i shared with her how i use to fail and fail, trying to lose weight, until i gave everything to Jesus, and how in an instance i lost weight like i never did! :)) Praise Jesus! He used me to be a testimony! I felt so priviledged!

And then i heard Jesus said, "This is why I placed you here. I don't want you to keep sharing and sharing without receiving. Feed on me first before I feed others through you." . i just cried.
Thank You Jesus, You love me so so much. Thank You Abba, that i went through times like those just to come up higher and brighter, and a trophy and testimony to others going through times like that. Time like that, that they need to be reminded of Your faithfulness, of Your love, and Your heart for them. :)) I love You.

Anyway, I'm going to OBS tomorrow! It's gonna be a time of enjoyment and not dread, toned arms and legs, and no injuries! (Amen, i claimed that and i'm covered in Jesus blood!) :)) gonna be fun! Haha. Evan shared with me something so interesting! I love Daddy's word!
Like how people think chocolate are fattening. But God said that He would bring the children of Israel into "a land flowing with milk and honey". According to the world, milk and honey are fattening stuff, but do you really think God would bring them into that land and them watch them die of obesity? No! :)) i really believe what you believe is very important. Chocolates are not fattening, and so are other food that i like! Amen. (I'm not trying to phycho myself, where the word of a king there is power and a word of a priest there is truth, Amen!) But of course, partake with wisdom. Gluttony isn't of God. :))

And do you know french kissing is in the bible? With your spouse, that is! Song of Solomon 4: 11,
"Your lips, O my spouse
drip as the honeycomb;
Honey and milk are under your tongue;
And the fragrance of your garments
Is like the fragrance of Lebanon. "

Btw, you could only get to taste the honey and milk uner your spouse's tongue unless your tongue is under his/her 's right? And she shared that worshiping Jesus is so intimate, just like french kissing my Jesus, so sweet! :)) haha, really enjoyed worship with my DARE blessed friends, they're really growing to be mighty people in His kingdom.

& HE ♥ her
10:22:00 PM

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Admist the storms...

Lord I come,
to sit at Your feet,
To behold,
Your Beauty.

Speak Your Word,
Your voice i will heed,
Let Your Prescence,
Fall over me.

Jesus, i thank You, You're are admist all the rushing and frenzied craze of my heart, i thank You, You are my peace. You're the peace i need. I thank You even in the storm, You are my stillness and my sanctuary. You wrap me like a Father, engulfing my childish fears. The beat of Your heart chases away every fear, doubt, bad emotions. The warmth of Your bosom just makes me wanna rest in Your embrace for ever.

Abba, i thank You, You'll never shortchange me. Life will never shortchange me. I thank You, You specially placed me and put me somewhere I'm best for, and somewhere that's best for me. I thank You, You will never put me in a place where i wouldn't grow. I thank You, You'll never put me in a place that i'll not be happy. Amen, I thank You You love me. :)) Amen. Amen. All glory and all praise be unto You. I love you Abba.

& HE ♥ her
9:59:00 PM